Core Cutting Lines

The core cutting lines – CCL are designed for automatic production of lamination sheets of transformer cores with V-notching, hole punching and shearing systems, two head decoiler. The CCL can be equipped with different type of stacking systems according to customer’s needs

The program will control whole automatic cutting process like as edge alignment, controlling lamination feeding speed considering decreasing diameter of coil on decoiler, precise calculating V-notching, hole punching and shearing.


  1. Two head decoiler with transverse moveable base
  2. Ramp for pre-alignment
  3. Feeding system with edge alignment and length measuring rolls
  4. V-notching system
  5. Hole punching system: 1st is static, 2nd is moveable
  6. Shearing system: 1st 45°, 2nd 135°
  7. Extraction belt and braking rolls
  8. Stacking table
  9. Scrap conveyor system
  10. Control panel with 15” color touch screen
  11. Control cabinet
  12. Remote service (GSM 4G) access


  • Automatic adjustment 90°
  • Core stacking solutions
  • Double V-notching system
  • Safety system:
    a) Fence
    b) Laser area scanner
    c) Light barrier


Note: Core cutting line with different specifications, functions and options are available on request.