High Voltage Wire Winding Machines

The RF series wire winding machines are designed for production HV coils of distribution transformers with round, flat and flattened wires, strip insulation, full width insulation and end-fill strip.

The main control panel with 15” color touch screen allows easy creating winding program. All programmed steps for cooling channel or lead out operations will be automatically stopped at all necessary positions and advises the operator about the next step. Our winding control system allows for easy changes of the software according to the Purchaser’s needs and language.

The wire flattening device makes round wire flattened, which allows to increase filling factor during winding and get compact winding. The round wire brake provides always constant wire tension over the entire wire range. The dancer system allows winding of oval and rectangular shaped coils at high speed. The height adjustable wire guiding arm allows to guide wire close to winding area.

The standard design of this machine is equipped with one strip insulation and two end-fill strips. The strip insulation guiding unit with elevation function allows to get graded layer insulation, which reduces winding materials and costs of transformer.Two end-fill strip devices allow the winding of end- fill strips on both sides of the coil.

Round and flat wire decoilers with motor and moves horizontally, following automatically the wire guide to feed wire straight.


  1. Control panel 15” color touch screen
  2. Winder with headstock, tailstock and foot pedal
  3. Control cabinet
  4. Rectangular expandable mandrel for oblong coil
  5. Strip insulation guiding system
    a) Two strip insulation decoilers with offset function
  6. Wire guiding systems
    a) Wire clamping
    b) Wire guiding arm height and angle adjustable
    c) Laser line pointer
    d) Dancer for thin round wire (0,4 – 0,8 mm)
    e) Dancer for round wire (0,9 – 5,0 mm)
    f) Round wire brake – active
    g) Round wire flattener – passive
    h) Flat wire guiding rolls
  7. Full width insulation decoiler
  8. End-fill strip unit
  9. Combined decoiler for 3 round wires and 2 flat wires
    a) Overhead round wire decoiler
    b) Flat wire decoiler with pneumatic brake and dancer
  10. Remote service (GSM 4G) access


  • Strip insulation guiding system
    a) One strip insulation with automatic cutting and gluing
    b) One strip insulation
  • End-fill strip automatic inserting and cutting
  • Round wire flattener and brake system – active with two servomotors
  • Coil unloading device
  • Motor-driven tailstock to wind on core legs
  • Swiveling main drive
  • Flat wire decoiler with following functions:
    a) Automatic tension control unit via diameter measuring laser sensor
    b) Motorized brake with rewinding function
    c) Dancer system

Note: Machines with different specifications are available on request. Strip width 120mm is available on request.