Instrument Transformer Winding Machines

The ITWM series instrument transformer winding machines are designed for automatic production simultaneously up to 9 medium voltage coils of instrument transformers, with one enameled wire per coil and full width insulation feeding system with automatic layer insulation inserting and cutting

The main control panel with 15” color touch screen allows easy creating winding program.

The program will control whole automatic winding process like as wire and insulation tension control during winding, insulation inserting and catting it at calculated length according to circumference of each layer’s diameter, width adjustment of wire guiding arms and cutting knifes, coils’ splitting and edge cutting, adjusting height of frame considering increasing coil’s diameter to keep wire and insulation feeding close to surface of coil.

Our winding control system allows for easy changes of the software according to the Purchaser’s needs and language.

The electronic wire tensioner ensures accurate and precise round wire tension. There is Advanced Digital Display for real-time operational information reading, such as: Wire Speed (LWA) – Wire Tension – Motor Torque – Working phase.

The faceplate with 45° swiveling mechanism allows easy unloading ready coils, as well as assembling coils’ adapters and spacers according to requested quantity of coils. The tailstock with pneumatic locking of mandrel controls and ensures safety functioning.


  1. Control cabinet
  2. Control panel with 15” color touch screen
  3. Winder:
    a) Headstock
    b) Faceplate with 45° swiveling mechanism
    c) Tailstock
    d) Foot pedal
  4. Wire guiding system
    a) Automatic distance adjustment
    b) Wire guiding arms
    c) Electronic wire tensioners
  5. Cutting system:
    a) Automatic distance adjustment
    b) Cutting knives for coils’ splitting
    c) Coils’ edge cutting knives
  6. Winding shaft with set of adapter and spacers
  7. Insulation feeding system
    a) Automatic insulation inserting
    b) Automatic insulation cutting
  8. Height adjustable frame
  9. Full width insulation de-coiler
  10. Overhead round wire decoilers
  11. Remote service (GSM 4G) access


  • Additional set of equipment to wind more coils
  • Width cutting of full width insulation
  • Electrical scale for round wire drum
  • Safety system:
    a) Fence
    b) Laser area scanner,
    c) Light barrier
    d) Laser safety scanner at winder


Note: Machines with different specifications are available on request.